Stolen 1955 Chevrolet 3100 4x4 Pickup Truck
Blaine, Washington

Monty and his wife had left Oregon after picking up their recently purchased '55 Chevy 3100 4x4 Pickup Truck and headed for Blaine, Washington, the final stop before crossing the Canadian border. While the truck was parked in the lot, waiting for it to go through the Customs processing, the truck was stolen and has not been recovered.

Below the pictures is a detailed list of features that could make this truck recognizable.

I spoke with the seller of the truck and he has been working with Monty to help get the word out about the stolen truck. A few points he made that one might not think of is that although the truck was Robin Egg Blue & Ivory White when sold, the thief could have painted it a different color, maybe removed the spare tire or changed the wheels...something to give it a different, unrecognizeable look. He mentioned the thief could try to sell it as a '56, so play close attention to the location of the side emblem. The only difference between a '55 and '56 is the location of the side emblem. On the '55, it is located below the body line and on the '56 it located above the body line. Also, one of the pictures below shows the odometer. The mileage would show less than 6K miles on the odometer, since they only drove it from Northern Oregon to Blaine, WA. The most important thing is the fact that it's a 4 wheel drive...not too common, so please keep your eyes and ears open and let's help bring this truck back to the rightful owner.

Please view the additional pictures below.

If you have any information, please call Monty at (604)828-5736 or Larry at (541)980-2185.

You can also Email Monty or Email Larry.

Thank you!!












  • The truck is 2 tone with robin egg blue throughout and a white cab / roof.
  • It is a short box with a big back window and has all chrome trim around the windows.
  • The rear driver's side fender accommodates a spare tire and there was a spare tire with a custom robin egg blue vinyl wheel cover.
  • The radio antenna is on the passenger side at the back of the cab, just beside the door handle (kind of like where the gas cap is on the driver's side).
  • There are 2 fuel tanks - one behind the seat in the cab and the other between the frame at the very back of the truck.
  • The filler for the cab fuel tank is in the standard stock location - at the back of the cab by the door handle.
  • The filler for the back tank is on the passenger side rear fender and has a door.
  • The front tank is 18 gals and the back tank is 38 gals.
  • The rear fuel tank has the words "chev van" written on it in wax crayon, on the engine facing side. You have to lay under the truck or have it on a lift to see it.
  • The back tank has a breather vent hose that lays too flat on the tank and as the tanks reaches full - it spits a gush of gas out, which runs on top of the tank and dribbles out  and down the back of the tank - you can see it dribble when you are standing at the back of the truck.
  • There is a 4 position manual gas tank switch on the floor of the cab, right under the drivers seat. It is plainly visible as soon as you open the driver's door.
  • The frame is a 55 Chevy frame but the entire drive train (axles, transfer case, suspension, etc. etc) is from a 1972 or 73 International 4 x 4 Travelall.
  • The front and back diffs' are Dana 60's and the front axle has Warn manual hubs.
  • The axle hubs are 5 stud on 4 1/2" (standard Chevy's were 6 stud).
  • Front disc brakes - rear drums.
  • The mags are Eagle Alloy Series 185 with Black Centers.
  • The suspension is leafs springs on all four corners and have 10 leafs each - however a previous owner took 3 leafs off of the front axle to try and soften the there are only 7 leafs on the front end corners. I still have the 6 leafs that were taken out.
  • As a result of the lesser leafs on the front end - it sits a bit lower and as a result the front drive shaft is very close to the passenger side header and actually rubs slight on a rough road. Marks of this occurrence are plainly visible on the driveshaft.
  • The left front tire rubs on the drag link on tight right turns - the drag link will be polished where the tire rubs.
  • The steering wheel is from a 72- 73 Chevy and painted the same robin egg blue as the truck.
  • The motor is a crate Chevy 350 with a 3/4 RV cam. The tranny is a Chevy Turbo 3503 speed automatic. The 4 wheel drive shifter in the cab is fairly tall and give ones the impression of being a standard transmission shifter - it has a white knob.
  • The tranny has a heavy duty towing shift kit in it and it shifts quite hard as a result.
  • There is a class 5 towing hitch on the truck and a round multi-pronged electrical plug for lights and trailer brakes - although there is not a trailer break switch in the truck.
  • The wiring that runs from the cab to the trailer plug-in has been run inside a residential type metal conduit that is up inside the frame on the drivers side and runs from the cab to the back bumper - which is loose and rattles around.
  • The heater fan in the truck is run from a 3 position toggle switch under the dash. There is also a little power light that when pushed provide power to the in-dash radio as well  as the 6 disc CD player under the driver's side of the seat.
  • There are 2 speakers in small wood boxes behind the seat and also 2 speakers on each side of the cab mounted to the side wall around knee height.
  • The bench seat is not a Chevy seat.
  • The temperature gauge in the dash does not work and there is an aftermarket temperature gauge mouthed under the dash.
  • There is also a fuel gauge under the dash that is hooked to the rear tank - the gauge in the dash only records the fuel in the smaller gas tank behind the seat.
  • The windows are tinted and the windshield is taper tinted.
  • The passenger side window is stiff to roll down and back up again.
  • The black background in the "V" dash gauge cluster is slightly tilted to the left (like 2 degrees).
  • The inside of the doors is paint blue like the truck and the panel at the arm rest and handles is white like the roof.
  • The dash is blue on the top and white below.
  • Under the floor carpet on the passenger side there is a small fiberglass patch and the pattern of the fibreglass roving is plainly visible.
  • The cut out in the dash has been modified to accommodate an AM/FM radio.
  • The front bumper is not stock and has been extended to accommodate a Warn winch and is all chrome. The bumper includes a Warn 11082 Mounting Kit and a Warn stand up winch. The truck is missing the plug in winch controls.
  • The bumper had 2 chrome driving lights.
  • There are 2 batteries mounted under the hood.

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