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RIP Ed, you will be missed. We recently learned of the passing of Ed Gilbert, publisher of Roddin 'n Racin'. He passed away on November 11, 2022. What a nice, nice man he was. I always enjoyed my conversations with him. He and the work he did for the publication will be missed. I am not sure of the status of Roddin 'n Racin', but when I hear something, I will post it here. RIP Ed.

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Print advertising is available through Roddin' & Racin' NorthWest to help you sell you vehicle! If you subscribe to R&R NW, you can place an ad in the classifieds for free, until it sells or for 6 mos., whichever comes first. If you don't subscribe and would like to place an ad, you can submit your picture ad plus 75 words of text for $30.00, Until it sells or 6 mos. or whichever comes first. Please submit your pictures and ad text by the 10th of the month for publication in the next month's issue. Please call by the 10th if the ad needs to be removed. Not for commercial ads, however, commercial ads are available. Please call Ed for rates.

In his own words, Roddin' & Racin' NorthWest publisher/founder, Ed Gilbert, told us about how the newspaper was started:

Roddin' & Racin' NorthWest actually started in the spring of 2011. All we did at that time was register the name and do a little research to examine the viability of a "Car paper", in the northwest market, their wasn't one at the time. Since I was still working full time I decided to not publish the paper because it wouldn't be right for my job or for the paper.

A couple years later in May of 2013 my full time employment ended and I decided it was time to move on the paper. My cousin Jerry Hutchcroft of Phoenix Arizona, had been publishing Roddin' & Racin' in that southwest market since the early 90's and had been trying to get me to produce a paper here. He was excited when I called and told him that I was jumping in, no previous experience, no knowledge, no computer programs, only enthusiasm. He volunteered to help me and we spent a lot of time on the phone during the next 30 days trying to get me up to speed and with Jerry's help the July issue hit the streets on June 23, 2013.  

I managed to produce a new issue every month since then, all the while learning and hopefully improving with each one. I didn't do it alone though. As time went by many people who had read an issue, stepped up with contributions to publish and volunteered to help with distribution and many remain involved to this day making the paper diversified, interesting and better than I could do alone.

We hope that we are producing a paper that's fun to read, informative and a good source for hobbyists and racers to use in pursuit of their interests. Our plan is to keep putting out an issue each month and hopefully improve in that effort for years to come.

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If you would like to have the newspaper mailed to you, call Ed at the number below or simply complete the subscriber form available in each issue, enclose your payment and then watch for your Roddin' & Racin' Northwest newspaper to arrive in your mailbox! The cost of the subscription is $25 for 12 issues (1 year) or $40 for 24 issues (2 years).

For more information, you can contact Ed at (503) 522-5050 or e-mail him.

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