Make-A-Wish Volunteer Request

May 20, 2014   


My name is Karen Koch and I have been a volunteer for Make-A-Wish Oregon for 13 years. Up until last year, I also coordinated a car show for 10 years, to benefit MAW.  It raised over $48,000, all of which went to help fund wishes for kids with life-threatening medical conditions. Partially due to health problems, I had to stop doing the show in 2013.  

I, myself, own a 1965 Mustang and I love going to shows and supporting the charities they benefit. There are so many worthy charities out there, and I have noticed over the year's a lot of shows always benefit the same one year after year. I am writing you today to ask you to consider making one or more of your shows benefit Make-A-Wish.  

Make-A-Wish brings joy to children AND their families when they most need it. In the middle of treatments, doctors, and hospital stays, it gives them hope and joy, and something to look forward to. A time to just be a happy family again, having fun together.  

All the money required to fund these wishes is raised through fund raisers, telethons, and private donations. This year we are hoping to grant 200 wishes, and all of that takes funding. It is estimated that the average cost of ONE wish is $5-7,000. Some are more, some are less. We cover all expenses for the family, including spending money.  

Some of you may have come to, or heard about, Gideon's wish party this past weekend. Gideon is a precocious 4 year old with Melanoma. His wish is to go to Disney World, and Make-A-Wish did his going away wish party at Home Depot in Vancouver, which is his favorite store. We also arranged to have a monster truck there, because he loves cars and trucks. Well, in procuring the monster truck, the word got out among the car community and started being spread on Facebook, Twitter, the radio, etc. In two days, word spread enough that over 350 vehicles showed up at the party to help Gideon celebrate his wish. As you can see in the pictures from the event, there were classics, hot rods, trucks, late models, 4x4's, lowriders and more. None of this was planned by Make-A-Wish, but it showed me again the wonderful hearts that car enthusiasts have, and how much they like to help. Gideon was over the moon when he saw all the cars and trucks and still hasn't stopped talking about it.  

So, I ask again, will you consider having your show benefit Make-A-Wish and help fund other wishes like Gideon's? 84% of all money donated goes directly to wishes. If the show raises over $5,000, you can even adopt a wish, and be recognized for being the sponsor of that wish. You can learn more about ways to help at or contact me and I can put you in touch with the right people to talk to about it. I would also be happy to come and talk to you about this in person.  

Thanks for considering my request, and I hope to hear about more shows benefiting Make-A-Wish in the future.  

Karen Koch

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