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UPDATE: June 2021 - A record breaking $86,640 was raised at this year's Dream Builders Car Show! In just 8 years, the Dream Builders Car Show has raised nearly $400,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Snohomish County!

In 2014, Steve Myers organized the 1st Annual Dream Builders Car Show to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Snohomish County at the Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington. There were 240 vehicles in attendance and they raised $10,386! Steve's life was changed forever through the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization and with your help, he wants to ensure the same is done for many more kids like him! Join him in helping to "Give Back" to the organization who was there for him and thousands of other kids!

My Story
By Steve Myers

"In 1994 the course of my life changed forever. Big Brothers Big Sisters had managed to create the "perfect match", when I met my "Big Brother" Rich, at the age of 10. We've done everything together. Everything any young boy would cherish and love to do with his dad. We would go to Sonics games, Mariners games, and play all types of sports together, (specifically basketball). Rich even coached my basketball team one year. We're both very competitive. You name it, we've made a competition out of it! We would go camping, do lunches, go see movies, hit the batting cages, go golfing, participate in every event BBBS offered, along with volunteer events...the list goes on and on.

We've had so much fun over the years, but it's been much more than fun and games. I grew up with just my mom and my sister around. Mom was working two, sometimes three jobs, all while going to school, and still managing to get home to put dinner on the table for us kids, but she needed help. My dad wasn't around due to addiction and abuse, and I needed a male mentor to give me the guidance that my mom just wasn't sure how to give. And as strong of a woman as she is, and I've never met any stronger, she found the help in the most amazing organization I've ever had the pleasure in being a part of, Big Brothers Big Sisters.

My Big Brother, Rich, has been above all, a role model. He has been the man I have looked to for all of those things most kids would go to their dad for and he's been the closest thing to a father figure I've ever had. He shaped me from a 10 year old kid with no direction, to a man who wants to give back and it's all thanks to Big Brothers Big Sisters!"









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